Online Design Service

Online Design Service

This is a new service I began offering earlier this year, having realised lots of people want to be provided with a garden design they can follow and achieve themselves, in their own time. 

Whether it's a full garden design, or perhaps just a difficult border you need help with, my Online Design Service is a fast, cost-effective, and fully online way of achieving a professional design, tailored according to your specific tastes and requirements.

The Process

Step 1

Contact to request my Online Design Service. Within 24hrs I will email you my Online Design Service kit, which includes a simple questionnaire and easy to follow instructions on how to quickly measure and photograph the space to be designed.   

Step 2

Send your completed questionnaire, measurements, and digital photos back to

Step 3

You will then receive an initial concept and mood board for your feedback. 

Step 4

Once step 3 is completed you will  receive your personalised design within 2 weeks, including:

- Professional garden design to scale

- Detailed planting plan for all beds

- Full listing of all plants and materials, based on your specified budget

- Easy to follow advice on how to create your new garden

The Cost

My Online Design Service is broken down into two price categories:

1) Full Garden (a garden area that can be photographed in a single shot) - £299

2) Planting Border (a single border, no more than 12m long) - £149

For larger gardens or complex spaces that cannot be photographed in a single shot, please contact me directly for an accurate quote.


Please note my Online Design Service applies only to soft landscaping designs (borders, beds, lawn, and structural planting) and cannot be used for designs which include any significant hard landscaping (patios, decking, steps, etc), which would require a site visit. Online Design Service cost does not include the cost of plants, materials, or any labour required to create your garden design. All plants I suggest will be widely available in the UK and I can help facilitate the planting for an additional fee. Timings listed in the steps above are typical but may vary, in which case you will be made aware in advance. 

Palmers Green Cottage Garden
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